The New Guy Code is based on this idea: A generation of young men raised with a higher perspective of women, combined with girls who understand the true value that they hold, will create a new generation that will transform the current standard for male and female interaction.



The goal of the program is for its participants to develop healthy relationships with females, overcome issues of self-esteem,  and cope with the common male peer pressures associated with modern dating.  This goal is accomplished through a mentorship program grounded in the tenets of the book Honor: The New Guy Code



Girls of the same age are taught to value and respect themselves, overcoming their own societal pressures and attitudes, as they grow and interact with their male counterparts. Girls are also shown that they are personally empowered to be in control of their own destinies as they relate to boys. This goal is also accomplished through a mentorship program which is grounded in the tenets of the book Honor: The New Guy Code girls edition.



Parents often find themselves caught off-guard or trailing behind when it comes to the conversations their children are currently engaged in with their peers. Our program is designed to teach the values that parents desire within an environment that is attractive to their children...Plus 4 hours of free time while your child is at the Honor Games.

Consider Your Foundation: You are a source of life. Just as you have the potential to bring life into this world, you will also influence the world by the standard that you’ve set for yourself.


Consider Your Own Force: You have the power to impact the attitudes and behavior of others, particularly the opposite sex. Consider their feelings, as you interact and share thoughts with and about them.


Consider Her Flaws: He understands that she’s not perfect and that from time to time she can do things that can put her in harms way. He watches over her and keeps her safe. He never takes advantage of the moment but rather protects her–even from herself.

Consider Your Family: You have people in your life who care deeply for you. Consider that their rules are rooted in love, as well as the pain that’s caused when you rebel.


Consider Her Family: He knows that they want the best for her, so he tries to understand their concerns. He discourages her from rebelling and is willing to wait for their approval.  In doing so, he hopes to earn their respect.

Consider Your Future:  You will live on beyond this moment and so will the memories of what was done during this time. Choose wisely!


Consider Her Future: He sees great value in her and only wants to add to her life. So, he does nothing to hinder her from being who she was created to be.

Consider Your Friendships: You can determine the quality of your life based on the type of people that you allow to influence it.


Consider Her Function:  She’s a source of life and for that alone she’s valued.

Consider Her Father: He believes in a code of honor and understands that she is still someone’s daughter. He can look a father in the eye knowing that his intentions for her are good.


HONOR GAMES (Body, Mind & Character)


This is a place where kids can be kids while learning how to interact with each other in healthy ways. These outdoor activities, which include water, soap and other “fun” elements will force them away from their technological devices and encourage face-to-face interaction.  The games also provide the opportunity to relate to the opposite sex in a humanistic rather than sexual manner.

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Program operates in 8-10 week sessions in both Fall and Spring!


Mentoring: Select High School Juniors and Seniors earn community service hours by mentoring middle school students in their local community.


Physical Activity: Values are taught in the midst of team competition.


Mindful Training: The honor games will challenge both mind and body. The framework for the competitions includes selected chapters from the book.


I Like Girls will encourage you to pursue girls, not just chase after them. Expect to be challenged, as we learn to consider them in the same way that you would want your friends to consider your sisters and future daughters.

Expect to be challenged, as you learn how boys should treat you. What if you were to raise your standards, could we change the way boys are taught to view and consider girls? My desire is to change the way a generation of young men view women.


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