Che Scott

Ché Scott was born in a small town in Jamaica called Clarendon. His mother was a school teacher and his father a contractor. Ché was named after one of his mother’s students. The name Che’ is significant to many, for some it signifies friendship and love, while to others it brings mixed emotions reminding them of a well-known military leader. Ché wouldn’t consider himself a revolutionary, but he was a Jamaican boy raised in America. He’s black but grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood. That being said, he has an outside-the-box perspective on life that’s very unique and maybe even revolutionary.


Ché is a well-rounded people person who naturally builds relationships with others. He enjoys spending time in various circles, and one of the groups that he’s been able to be a part of is the prestigious University of Miami Football Alumnus. Without any football background, Ché walked onto the team in the midst of their latest domnance of college football. That segment of the team’s history produced more NFL players than any other team in the history of college football. Ché has kept close relationships with many of his former teammates and knows a face on almost every team in the league.

However, in the midst of his athletic career, Ché became serious about his faith and decided that he would not be sexually intimate with anyone again until marriage–it’s been ten years since. This is an unusual decision for anyone, but especially for an athlete on the most popular team in college football and living one of the most sexual cities in America.

Ché is driven by the ambition of shaping a new American dream, believes that honor should be at the center of all relationships. He is committed to engaging our current culture in this conversation and has recently published his first book I Like Girls: Honor The New Guy Code. In this book, he challenges young men to consider the true value of girls while explaining the reasons why they should always be honored.

Ché a jack of all trades is: a licensed minister, a life coach, and a chaplain for the Miami Heat and Miami Hurricanes. He believes in challenging others to find a higher level of thinking.  Most people love Ché but that’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself …